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Welcome to Benuvia
– Where Innovation in Pharmaceuticals Paves
the Way for a Healthier Tomorrow.

As a vertically integrated, DEA-licensed, and FDA-approved entity, we encompass the full spectrum of pharma services with sustainability and innovation at our core. Our drug substance and drug product capabilities ensure we deliver medicine and a promise of quality and safety for a better life. We specialize in controlled substances, with focus on psychedelics and cannabinoids.

Benuvia recognizes the profound impact of our work on individual lives and the broader scope of global health. Benuvia stands proudly at the intersection of science, mental health and well-being, crafting a legacy of transformative healing practices. Our foundation is built on the principles of integrity, patient-centric innovation, and quality, reflected in every milestone we achieve.

Our Founding

Our Heritage

Benuvia guides individuals to a "good life path." 'BEN' symbolizes the goodness we strive to deliver; 'U' places you, the individual, at the heart of our purpose; 'VIA' represents the journey we facilitate toward optimal health and wellness. Our tagline encapsulates our essence: "Alleviating suffering, transforming lives."


Our culture is a testament to our team's collective expertise and vision. We are scientists, innovators, and advocates for health, working in unison to break new ground in mental wellness and controlled susbstances.


Our higher calling is to heal the planet and catalyze the evolution of universal awareness. This noble aspiration drives our operations and strategic decisions, aiming to alleviate suffering, bring joy, and expand consciousness. With our eyes set on the future, we strive to make a significant impact, knowing that each step is part of a larger journey toward global healing.

Committed to

We recognize that our responsibilities extend into environmental stewardship and social impact. Our commitment to sustainability is integral to our business model, influencing our operations, product development, and community engagement. Through responsible practices and a focus on long-term ecological balance, Benuvia upholds its promise to transform lives and nurture the world that sustains us all. Read More

& Vision

Our mission is to alleviate suffering and transform lives.
As a premier specialized therapeutic products company
our vision is to bring life changing answers to humankind.

Benuvia envisions a future where everyone can access the healthcare they need to follow their “best life path.” Our vision extends beyond the creation of medicines—it’s about fostering an ecosystem where innovation, consciousness, and sustainability merge. By supporting the health of individuals, we contribute to the vitality of communities worldwide, embodying our conviction that every life is precious.
With Benuvia, the future of healthcare is not only bright; it’s within reach.”

Darwin Richardson

CEO Benuvia

Benuvia Leadership Team

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Chief Executive Officer

Vice President,
API Research and Development

Chief Business
Development Officer

Vice President,
Commercial Business

R&D Pharmaceutical Formulation
Development Management

Senior Director,
Head of Quality

Vice President
of Manufacturing

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