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Benuvia envisions a future where everyone can access the healthcare they need to follow their “best life path.” Our vision extends beyond the creation of medicines—it’s about fostering an ecosystem where innovation, consciousness, and sustainability merge. By supporting the health of individuals, we contribute to the vitality of communities worldwide, embodying our conviction that every life is precious.
With Benuvia, the future of healthcare is not only bright; it’s within reach.”

Darwin Richardson

CEO Benuvia

Darwin Richardson

Chief Executive Officer

Darwin has more than 25 years of executive management experience in developing strategy and leading manufacturing operations, quality operation, and regulatory compliance in the bio-pharmaceutical industry. He brings with him a depth of manufacturing expertise in sterile injectables and aseptic processing, as well as a proven track record in modernizing operations, improving compliance, and expanding manufacturing capabilities. Darwin is a results-oriented leader who fosters both collaboration and teamwork to create a culture that is built to succeed.

Jim Mitchell

Vice President, API Research and Development

Jim is a distinguished organic chemist with over two decades of experience in cannabinoid and entheogen research. His expertise in organic synthesis, natural products isolation, and structure elucidation has been fundamental in developing new industrial cannabinoid processes and formulations. At Benuvia, Mitchell leads initiatives in modernizing cannabinoid structures for GMP production and clinical investigations. Educated at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Hawaii at Manoa, his work is crucial in driving Benuvia’s commitment to pioneering pharmaceutical advancements.

Brandon F. Kidd

Chief Business Development Officer

Brandon F. Kidd is a distinguished executive with over three decades of experience in commercial operations, business development, and strategic leadership, particularly in the pharmaceutical and real estate sectors. His tenure in esteemed organizations such as ExxonMobil, KimCo Realty, Trammell Crowe Company, and Mile High Labs has been marked by significant achievements in mergers, acquisitions, and structured transactions. Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish, Mr. Kidd brings a unique global perspective, enhancing his effectiveness in international markets. His career underscores his expertise in nurturing growth and devising successful business strategies, positioning him as a pivotal figure in Benuvia’s pursuit of breakthroughs and international growth.

Eric Kizior

Vice President Commercial Business

Eric is an accomplished leader in the healthcare industry, with a distinguished 25-year tenure in commercial pharmaceuticals. His diverse expertise spans various therapeutic areas, underscored by multiple significant product launches. As a Bradley University graduate, Mr. Kizior’s solid educational foundation in finance enriches his innovative strategies in commercial development. His approach, combining deep financial insight with a broad understanding of healthcare, aligns seamlessly with Benuvia’s vision of pioneering and patient-focused pharmaceutical solutions.

Mohammed Kabir

R&D Pharmaceutical Formulation Development Management

Mohammed is an accomplished professional with over 32 years of experience in pharmaceutical formulation and process development. His expertise spans a wide range of dosage forms, including injectables, ophthalmics, and inhalation products, for both human and veterinary applications. Before Benuvia, he contributed significantly to Apotex Inc. and Akorn Pharmaceuticals and shared his knowledge by teaching at Seneca College. Holding a Bachelor’s and Master of Pharmacy, Mohammed’s experience with bio-equivalence and product development enriches Benuvia’s commitment to innovative and effective pharmaceutical solutions.

Monica Gorbet

Senior Director, Head of Quality

Leading the Quality department at Benuvia, Monica is a testament to excellence with her 26 years in the Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industry. Her journey spans small to large companies and CDMO roles, where she honed her expertise in Quality Systems Development and Management. Monica’s extensive background covers a spectrum from drug substance to drug product manufacturing, inclusive of various forms including solid, liquid, and combination products. Her academic background in Biology and Chemistry from Texas A&M-Kingsville further enriches her ability to oversee quality from clinical development to commercial products, aligning with Benuvia’s dedication to high standards.

R. Scott Warlick

Vice President of Manufacturing

As Benuvia’s Vice President of Manufacturing since 2013, Scott exemplifies a career steeped in pharmaceutical excellence. His 30-year journey, marked by pivotal roles at Mallinckrodt, Mylan, and Insys, underscores his mastery in operations management. Scott’s application of six sigma and lean manufacturing principles in pharmaceutical production, along with his proficiency in small molecule API and oral solid dose unit operations, mirrors Benuvia’s dedication to cutting-edge and efficient manufacturing techniques. His educational background, with a BS in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University and an MBA from Duke University’s executive program, fortifies his strategic leadership, aligning with Benuvia’s vision of setting new benchmarks in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

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