Drug Product Development

Precision and Innovation

Embark on a transformative journey with Benuvia’s Drug Product Formulation services, where innovation meets reliability. Our integrated approach accelerates the development of finished dosage forms, seamlessly integrating API and/or dose manufacturing programs.

Key Highlights:

Integrated Formulation Development

Our integrated approach ensures that formulation development aligns seamlessly with API manufacturing, accelerating the overall drug development process, including novel formulations.


We conduct in-depth feasibility studies to evaluate the viability of different formulation strategies, optimizing the path to a successful final product.

Controlled and Sustained Release

Our formulation expertise spans controlled and sustained release formulations, providing versatility for diverse pharmaceutical products, including cannabinoid-based formulations.

Proprietary Formulation Development

Innovation is at the forefront, with proprietary formulation development strategies for unique and impactful drug products.

In-House Drug Formulation, Fill, and Finish Capabilities

Our Services include, Oral liquid solutions, Sublingual, Uni & Multidose, pMDI - Liquid inhalation aerosols, Soft Gels

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