Redefining efficiency, Benuvia’s Flow Chemistry services harness continuous flow techniques, ensuring complex reaction mastery with cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to quality assurance in flow chemistry operations is visible in state-of-the-art equipment and innovative processes.
Benuvia redefines quality assurance with Independent QA services, guaranteeing regulatory compliance and quality control emphasis. Our dedicated QA team operates autonomously, providing an additional layer of assurance throughout the pharmaceutical development process.
Trust in the precision and reliability of Benuvia’s QC Testing services. Our advanced analytical and stability testing capabilities, including modern instrumentation, set industry benchmarks, ensuring method development mastery, ICH-compliant stability testing, and comprehensive data reporting.
Experience the evolution of pharmaceutical development with Benuvia’s Process Development services. From optimizing synthetic routes to developing alternative schemes, our expert team ensures flexibility across various scales, adhering to the highest quality standards and collaborating closely with clients.
Explore the forefront of pharmaceutical development at Benuvia’s Innovation Hub. Led by Ph.D. holders and expert chemists, our R&D and Chemistry Services excel in custom synthesis, clinical development, and complex chemistries, ensuring precision, flexibility, and seamless transitions from lab to clinical trials.
Benuvia’s Drug Product Formulation services blend precision with innovation, accelerating finished dosage form development. Our integrated approach seamlessly combines API and/or dose manufacturing programs, conducting feasibility studies and offering controlled and sustained release formulations, including proprietary development for cannabinoid-based drugs.
Provides Reliable, Safe, and Efficient cGMP Filling Services From Clinical to Small Scale Commercial Batches. Our Services include: Oral liquid solutions, Sublingual, Uni & Multidose, pMDI – Liquid inhalation aerosols, Soft Gels
Benuvia sets a new standard in API Synthesis, offering controlled substances expertise and a collaborative approach for seamless transitions from laboratory-scale synthesis to commercial manufacturing. Our FDA-inspected site operates under stringent cGMP guidelines, guaranteeing compliance and reliability.
Pushing boundaries in Psychedelic API Manufacturing, Benuvia merges deep chemistry expertise with cutting-edge technology. Our specialized production covers gram to multi-kilogram scales, addressing high-value, low-volume formulations with compliance, innovation, and a commitment to quality assurance.
Pioneering excellence in the world of Cannabinoid API Manufacturing, Benuvia operates under strict cGMP guidelines and FDA inspection. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide specialized production capabilities for a spectrum of high-quality cannabinoid APIs, ensuring regulatory compliance, scaling expertise, and innovative manufacturing processes.

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